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Northover Energy

Heating Homes is our specialist subject......and we are good at it!

We provide Kerosene Heating Oil, Premium Oil for Aga's and Boilers and Gas Oil (red diesel). These are delivered by our team of friendly, experienced and knowledgeable drivers which keeps our customers returning.


Standard Domestic Oil (Kerosene)

Standard Domestic Oil is the cheapest form of heating oil. It is ideal for all domestic pressure jet heating oil boilers and for use in the majority of vaporised burners.


Kerosene - Premium AGA - Designed specifically for AGA Cookers

  • Lowers carbon and deposit build-up
  • Stabilises the fuel
  • Inhibits sludge formation
  •  It keeps the fuel fresher for longer
  • Reduces service problems
  • Improves system efficiency



Kerosene - Premium Boiler - designed specifically for Boiler systems

  • Reduces sludge formation
  • Optimum burner performance
  • Keeps your fuel system clean
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Reduces maintenance
  •  For a cleaner, greener burn
  • Lowers CO2 emissions - Better 
    for the environment
  • Reduces service problems
  • Improves system efficiency


Our Premium Oils help reduce system operating problems and as they improve system efficiency they will cut down your heating oil bills and reduce CO2 emissions. Great fuels to look after you, your home and your pocket!


Gas Oil

Gas Oil is a cheaper industrial fuel that has restricitve usage.

Who can use Gas Oil?

  • Travelling Fairs & circuses
  • Non Commerical Purposes- Electricity generation & heating
  • Agriculture, horticulture, fish farming & Forestry
  • Rail Transport
  • Community amateur sports club and golf courses.
  • Sailing, boating and marine transport (Excluding private pleasure craft)


Gas Oil is not to be used as road fuel.

Emergency Deliveries

As well as offering an emergency delivery for our heating oil you can also call into our depot and purchase 25 litre containers of fuels to help you when you need it the most.



Opening Times

We're open 5 days a week.

Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm

Why Buy From Us?

  • High Quality Fuel
  • Delivery when you need it
  • Excellent Service
  • Great Prices
  • Trusted Supplier
  • Experienced Drivers

Call us today to get the Northover Fuels experience on 01258 472619

Frequent Customer Discount Scheme

We reward customer loyalty with discounts.

Tank Top Up Service*

Simply over order and we will refund the difference after delivery.
*Minimum delivered quantity is still 500 litres.

We go a long way to ensure you get the best quality fuels and service without costing the Earth.

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