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Historical Heating Oil Prices

Every day the price of oil fluctuates which is caused by numerous market forces. Our graph here shows the average price of Heating Oil for the period selected from the drop down list. (Prices exclude VAT at 5%.)

PLEASE NOTE: This graph shows the average price of Heating Oil. The price of your heating oil is based upon the type of fuel, the quantity ordered, the speed of delivery, the delivery location and VAT and so the price shown in the graph cannot be taken as a price that you can buy your oil at. To get your custom heating oil price, please get a quote on our home page.

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Frequent Customer Discount Scheme

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Tank Top Up Service*

Simply over order and we will refund the difference after delivery.
*Minimum delivered quantity is still 500 litres.

We go a long way to ensure you get the best quality fuels and service without costing the Earth.

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