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13Kg Patio Gas

Ideal for patio heaters and large BBQ's of four burners of more

Price (exc VAT)
13Kg Patio Gas Bottle
13Kg Propane

Mainly used for light commercial uses. Eg Heating and cooking in both touring and static caravans.

Price (exc VAT)
13Kg Propane Gas Bottle
15Kg Butane

The best for any indoor potable heaters.

Price (exc VAT)
15Kg Butane Gas Bottle
18Kg Propane Forklift

The Calor Gas 18kg propane gas bottle is specific for forklift trucks in the Calor Gas range. It is designed to be laid on its side and has a special fitting so that it can only be used on an LPG forklift truck.

Price (exc VAT)
18Kg Propane Forklift
19Kg Propane

The 19Kg Propane is the perfect solution for heating and cooking in both touring and static caravans. This can be used for heating and cooking on narrow boats and catering vans

Price (exc VAT)
19Kg Propane Gas Bottle
4.5Kg Butane

Thes bottle are the perfect camping partner. Mainly used for single burner cooking appliances.

Price (exc VAT)
4.5Kg Butane Gas Bottle
47Kg Propane

The 47Kg Propane has a wide range of uses including home energy. It can also be used for all outdoor and light commercial use. This includes both heating and drying.

Price (exc VAT)
47kg Propane Gas Bottle
5Kg Patio Gas

This propane gas bottle is ideal for powering all small and medium BBQ's, Pizza Ovens ot tabletop heaters.

Price (exc VAT)
5Kg Patio Gas Bottle
6Kg Propane

The perfect travel companion for all heating and cooking within caravans and motorhomes

Price (exc VAT)
6Kg Propane Gas Bottle
7Kg Butane

Perfect for any small indoor/portable heaters.

Price (exc VAT)
7Kg Butane Gas Bottle
Atlas Tanks
Northover Energy
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