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Cost is a tough question to answer as everyone’s job requirements is different, however we can give you an overview of the average cost of replacing a heating oil tank. The work can be divided into three main parts being labour, materials and the price of the fuel tank.

These are broken down over the next few sections below but here is a typical range of example prices.

  • Labour £400 – £800
  • Materials £100 – £300
  • Oil Tank £900 – £1400

A simple installation including labour, materials, recycling & removal of the old oil tank can be around £1400 inc. VAT or a more complex install could cost up to £2500 inc. VAT.

All prices are subject to a no-obligation FREE Site Assessment and will depend on the site requirements and size of the tank.

How much does Oil Tank Installation Labour cost?

We charge for labour in terms of half & full days, whether a job is considered a half or full-day is determined by one of our free assessments. For Domestic customers, a half-day is in the £400 ballpark and £800 for a full day.

Most installations usually only require a half-day with removing an oil tank. Do bear in mind if the place you want to install the tank is particularly complex, due to Building and OFTEC regulation requirements, it may take a whole day. The distance to the site is also calculated into the time it will take the team to complete their work.

Labour comes in the form of a team of OFTEC Qualified Engineers who will remove your old oil tank and hold your oil in a temporary tank while they install your new one. If the oil is healthy it will be pumped back into your new tank when the job is complete.

How much do the Materials cost for an Oil Install?

This is especially appropriate where a concrete base needs to be constructed for the tank to rest on. Because OFTEC has very specific requirements for the surface the tank rests on these very often need to be made from scratch.

Another big factor in material cost is fire protection. Some installations require a fire screen to form a barrier between the tank and non-fire rated objects. As a tank can’t be within certain distances of non-fire rated objects. These fire-rated screens require fixings and construction supports to comply with the manufacturer’s rating. This all adds to the cost so it may be more ideal to choose an isolated location for your tank.

How much does a new Oil Tank cost?

There is a wide range of fuel tanks available for installations that we hold in stock. However, a typical example would be a 1,000 litre tank at £1290 inc. VAT 

Vertical, cylindrical tanks are cheaper 


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